How to pack the Balance Pak:

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balance pak flowchart


You’ll Forget It’s There!


NO PRESSURE! Save your back with the Tranquility Mountain™ Balance Pak™! From climbing, hiking, and biking the toughest terrains – to carrying your needed supplies for work or school, our backpacks will protect your spine and provide unparalleled comfort.

Our Balance Paks backpacks have a unique weight distribution system called Honey Foam® that redistributes the pressure to your waist and lower back, instead of your shoulders, to promote better posture and spinal alignment. You’ll forget it’s there!

Durable fabric and heavy weight zippers will ensure this pack lasts through even the toughest terrains. Secured outside pockets, interior organization, and external d-rings keep your equipment in the right place for easy access at all times.

Now available at L.I. Outdoorsman in Rockville Center, NY.


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-Promotes proper posture and spinal alignment.

-Provides shock absorption.

-Adjusts to all body types.

-Evenly distributes the weight of the loaded pack.

-Protects against lower back pain.

-Provides maximum comfort.

-Provides lumbar support by lifting the weight off your back.

-Alleviates stress on your back muscles.

-Feels lighter than a similarly loaded back pack without honey foam. -With honey foam, your back pack automatically adjusts to your body shape and distributes the weight to provide maximum comfort and minimal stress.

-Without honey foam your back pack can feel heavy, cumbersome and harder to carry.

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